Bahasa Melayu 100 tahun lagi?

Jika PPSMI diteruskan, bagaimana 100 tahun dan 200 tahun akan datang?

“Bahasa Melayu is not a legend! We found the evidences of Bahasa Melayu existence long time ago !”

Teacher : Long time ago, our Malay race use Bahasa Melayu as their language. I have only one book left by my grandpa’s grandma wrote in Bahasa Melayu. Before that I think Bahasa Melayu is a myth, but it is true now.

Student : so, even your grandpa’s generation also dunno how to speak in Bahasa Melayu? Have you think who killed Bahasa melayu?

Teacher : Umno and PPSMI…

Mungkin BM akan senasib dengan bahasa Sanskrit…


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